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Letting your customers book appointments with you online is a huge opportunity. Once you have a presence on the internet, the number of people who can find out about your products and services, and then book an appointment with you will jump massively. Where in the past you could only capture new business through word of mouth and expensive advertising, today you can attract new customers for virtually nothing.

However, many SMEs struggle to capitalize on this opportunity. It can feel as if the internet is saturated with websites, many offering a similar proposition to your business. So, standing out, getting people onto your site and, ultimately, booking an appointment with you can be very hard indeed. However, with some planning and research, you can boost the number of people booking appointments on your website.

Let’s look at three things you need to begin with.

  1. Personas

Whether you’ve been in business for years, or are just starting out, developing an idea of your target audience and how to reach them online is essential. You therefore need to create a set of 3-4 personas which describe your ideal customer. Your persona needs to answer key questions about the customer – where they live, what age they are, what they might need your service for, how much money they have to spend on your offering.

Let’s see what this might look like:

Lindsay offers one-to-one yoga classes in Miami. She develops a persona of her ideal client, describing where they live, their age, gender, income, and personal timetable. Perhaps her ideal customer is a middle-age woman living in a wealthy Miami suburb who works full time but is free most mornings before 8am. Once the persona is in place, Lindsay can then begin developing her website and online presence to attract that client – placing ads on LinkedIn targeted at her demographic, emphasizing on her website that she can provide lessons in customers’ homes early in the morning.

With a clear idea of who she wants to work with, Lindsay is then able to develop a strategy to get those people to book appointments via her website.

  1. Strategy

Once you have developed a series of in-depth personas, you next need to develop a strategy to reach them. For different kinds of businesses, this will involve very different activities. Nonetheless, once you have a strategy, you can then follow it regularly to ensure that you are marketing yourself consistently and professionally. An online marketing strategy needs, at the very minimum, a smart website (it doesn’t need to be huge, just functional), social media marketing and email campaigns.

Let’s see what this would look like.

Hank runs a consultancy which works with small businesses in the Mid-West. He develops a strategy built around a concept he calls ‘Hank says…’ which provides advice to the kinds of clients he works with. A key part of Hank’s social media strategy is to write one Tweet each day with a piece of ‘Hank says…’ advice. On his website, he writes a more in-depth ‘Hank says…’ blog every week. And, once per month, he sends a ‘Hank says…’ email newsletter to his existing customers.

By following a consistent strategy and using the most powerful tools available for marketing himself, Hank builds up his reputation in the minds of existing customers, while fostering interest from potential new clients. This should lead to more bookings through his website.

  1. Make your unique selling proposition (USP) clear and easy to understand

Whether you have a revolutionary new idea for a business, or are carving out your place in a crowded market, to get more bookings through your website, you need to make it clear why you are unique. This will involve some work. You need to think long and hard about what you do that is different, why you are better than your competitors, and why your customers should hand over their hard-earned money to you. There might be numerous reasons, but you need to boil this down into a simple statement to place on your website that customers can easily understand.

What would this look like?

Maria speaks English and Spanish fluently and runs a translation business in California. She works with various businesses and clients on various types of translation. However, she needs to boil this down to one unique statement. By reviewing all the existing clients she works with and the projects she enjoys most, she is able to define herself uniquely. Perhaps with a statement like: “friendly, fast and professional Spanish-English legal document translation in San Jose”.

Once published on the top of her webpage, on her social media profiles and in the footer of her emails, this kind of statement means people visiting Maria’s website immediately understand if she provides the right service for them.

Make it easy for people to book with you

By taking these simple steps, you can quickly develop a consistent and organized presence online, making it much more likely that potential customers will book appointments with you. The next step? Make it as easy as possible for those possible potential customers to make those bookings. Learn how to do that with Book Like a Boss.

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Increase Business Revenue by Booking Like A Boss 0 1032

Earning more revenue has never been easier.

If you’re looking to turn your time and services into a profit, look no further than Book Like A Boss. Within 10 minutes you can create a booking page for clients and start making money sooner.

What is Book Like A Boss?

Book Like A Boss is more than just a standard scheduling app. It provides professionals looking to earn more income with a full web page and scheduling platform, one that’s optimized for booking and sales. Your all-in-one page comes with a customizable dashboard where you can easily manage your business and focus on selling your services.

No more jumping from app to app to run your business. Scheduling, payments, CRM, social media management and more can all be accessed from one centralized location. Save time and money by creating your business booking page with Book Like A Boss.

Who is Book Like A Boss for?

Any service-based professional that wants earn more revenue faster can benefit from Book Like A Boss. It is designed to help business owners who want to:

  • Quickly get started selling their services on a small budget.
  • Simplify their workflow.
  • Make scheduling easy and effortless for their clients and for themselves.
  • Create an online platform to communicate with clients, but don’t want to spend a fortune or waste precious time building a website.
  • Increase their income.

Have you found yourself wanting any of these? Then Book Like A Boss is for you.

How does it work?

In just a few simple steps you can create a full-functioning scheduling platform that meets all your needs. Start by picking your page name, listing your services and setting up your schedule. Sync your calendar with a Google, iCloud, Outlook or Office 365 calendar so you never have to worry about double bookings. Add payment options directly on your page and you’re done! Just like that and you’ve got a page to start sharing.

Customize your page as you want it, with your own header and footers, testimonials, videos and more. Enjoy other features such as confirmation/reminder emails, a custom form builder and the ability to embed your calendar onto other sites. Book Like A Boss doesn’t take any percentage of your sales and will forever allow for unlimited bookings. Your business shouldn’t be limited by its platform, but should be open to greater growth and profit.

By automating your appointment scheduling, under a beautiful and mobile-responsive platform, you open the doors for that growth. Book Like A Boss makes booking and payment easier for customers, making it easier for you to earn more revenue faster.

Build a Better Business with Book Like A Boss

Appointment scheduling and business management shouldn’t be complicated, and now it doesn’t have to be. When you automate your appointment booking, you automate the revenue generation for your business.

So what are you waiting for? Start earning more revenue sooner with Book Like A Boss.

Get started today for free and see for yourself how Book Like A Boss can earn you greater profits and give you greater ease in running your business.

7 Ways to transform your schedule into a sales tool 0 1033

If you think of your schedule as a one-dimensional organizational tool, you’re missing out. That schedule that you’re keeping is a secret sales tool waiting to work for you. We’re talking big-time revenue potential, if you use it correctly.

It doesn’t matter how large your company is, how much revenue you’re bringing in, or how long you’ve been around, if you have a business – your schedule can (and should) be boosting your bottom line.

How can you transform your schedule into a sales tool?

  • Digitize and publicize your calendar. If you want your schedule to start making you money, you have to make your calendar accessible to potential clients. Leverage an online booking platform where customers can view openings for appointments, demos, classes, events, etc.

  • Link your calendar to marketing materials with a “Call to Action” button. Make it easy for customers and prospects to find your calendar via CTA buttons on your website, in email campaigns, or other digital marketing materials. These buttons should be the center of attention of your content, and labeled clearly with phrases like “Book Now” or “Schedule an Appointment.”

  • Put the power in your customers’ hands. Allowing your customers to reserve their own time slot on your calendar can make a powerful impression and win you major customer service brownie points. Online booking is a slick feature that is affordable and easy to manage, and shows a high level of professionalism. In addition, opening your calendar to your audience conveys the message that you are prioritizing their time by putting the power of scheduling in their hands, and skipping the painful phone tag or email inquiry process.

  • Capture contact information. When your client reserves a slot on your calendar, it is essential you capture contact information. At a minimum, this should be an email address. If it’s appropriate, snag a phone number and a mailing address here too. Obtaining this contact information opens up a world of opportunities to continually market to a warm customer base – people who have already come in contact with your brand.

  • Reduce cancellations and no-shows. Businesses can bleed money if their customers continually neglect appointments. There are a few ways to address the problem. First, you can take payment or a deposit online at the time of booking, if applicable to your business. Second, you can send friendly email or text reminders in the days and even hours leading up to your appointment. In these reminders, offer the opportunity to reschedule if necessary. People are forgetful. A simple email can be the difference between a lost sale and a closed deal.

  • Offer bonuses and promotions. If someone reserves time on your calendar, you’ve already made an impression. Now the goal is to keep them coming back. Track customer patterns and send targeted offers that remind them to return or try something new. For instance, if you own a spa and a customer routinely books massages, send them a special offer for booking a manicure/pedicure combo. If you use your calendar to schedule demos of a product, send a follow-up email to customers who completed the demo but did not follow through with a purchase. A little extra prompting may be all a person needs to make a purchase or increase their spending.

  • Alert and educate. Use the contact information you’ve gathered to alert your customers when new opportunities are available. Educate them about upcoming changes, or send newsletters with valuable information that does not push a sale. Consistent communication paired with valuable and relevant information will help you build a loyal client base of people who will continually look for more opportunities to connect with your business.

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