Authors & Contributors

Nachum Kligman

Nachum Kligman is the CEO of Book Like A Boss software. He is a serial entrepreneur, author and speaker and thrives on helping other entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses.

Lloyd Schroeder

I am the Chief Design Officer over at Book Like A Boss and head up all aspects of design over there and on Bossitude too. My role is to ensure the best possible impact for the content running on this site and marketing it to the far and wide community. Originally from South Africa and having transversed 4 continents, I bring diverse expertise to the team.

Scott Silverstone

Serial entrepreneur & experienced investor. 25 years of professional expertise. Specialties: Business Strategy, Investment Banking, Business Valuations, IP & Patent Valuations, Technical Marketing.

Len Williams

Len is a tech and business writer who covers small business and startup advice and has appeared in many print and digital publications. He lives in London, UK, where he’s also a sub editor on a national newspaper. He loves to travel and has lived in France, Spain, Senegal and Rwanda.

Robert McMillin

Can read a cash flow statement, build a website and run a successful ad campaign. I’m looking for an “OFF” switch, let me know if you find it, I’ll be working…

Arye Zacks

Arye turns complex corporate-speak into creative, understandable content. He’s a digital marketing expert who enjoys BBQing and watching baseball to unwind. You can reach him at

Skarlet Shuplat

Skarlet is a Marketing Specialist who is passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get real results. Her writing on business, social media, and entrepreneurial life has been featured throughout the web. She lives in Albany, GA, where she runs a social media marketing and consulting agency that helps clients in multiple countries.