4 Tips to make your business stand out

Whether you’re a masseuse, a marketer or a make-up artist, there’s a good chance that other entrepreneurs in your city are offering a similar service. So, how can you differentiate your business and convince customers that you are the right service provider for them?

By defining your unique selling point (USP) you can work out what makes you stand out, and use this as a way of showing customers why you’re the obvious choice. Grab a pen and paper and let’s get brainstorming to help you work out why you stand out.

1. Get to Know Your Customers

Review your list of current clients. Write down what you do for them, why they keep coming back to you and work out what problems you solve for them:

  • Do you have a strong personal relationship?
  • Is it your location?
  • Is it the time you are available?
  • Is it how much your service costs?
  • Are you especially convenient?

There’s no reason not to ask clients directly why they like working with you.

2. Analyze Your Local Market And The Competition

To know what makes you unique, you need to carry out competitor analysis. Write down the names of your local competitors, and create a list of their USP, what they do well, and what they do poorly.

3. Create A Persona Of Your Dream Customer

A persona is a detailed description of your ideal customer. What are their pain points and how are you uniquely placed to solve those problems? Are they senior citizens in need of help? Are they busy office workers? Are they stressed out moms? Once you know exactly who your personas are, you can offer a service that suits their exact needs.

4. Describe Your USP

Next, you must define exactly what makes you unique in your local market. List all the things that make you stand out, then boil this down to a couple of sentences that summarize your USP. Be as specific as possible, and include information that explains:

  • Who your clients are
  • What you do
  • Why you do it
  • Where you do it
  • When you do it
  • How you do it

Example: My company, Oakland Office Massages, believes busy office workers in Oakland should not need to leave the office to get a massage. That’s why we come to your offices in Oakland, any time of day, providing personalized massages when you need one.

Once you can confidently tell customers what makes you unique, they’ll know exactly why they should spend their money with you.

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